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“Keith is an marketing master. I’m not sure what we would have done without him.” 

~ Josh King, Co-Founder Manscaped

"You’ve added a ton of value, seriously. I’m already putting your advice into action."

~ @AlexFinnX (Formerly NFT_God) on Twitter/X

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Introducing The Bishops Court Technique 

A game-changing strategy that's help myself and many other entrepreneurs like you forge genuine relationships with influencers, and skyrocket their business growth!

I've landed clients like Dave Ramsey, Dr Axe, HCA, Manscaped, Doller General, Remax, Wellness Mama, and many many more using the Bishops Technique!

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When you sign up for our 7 Day Bishops Court Technique training, you'll get access to:

  • An Engagement Tracking Sheet that streamlines your influencer or prospect outreach efforts, ensuring you build solid connections that last. 
  • A Video Overview Training that provides a comprehensive understanding of the technique, so you can approach influencers and clients with confidence. 
  • A Pitch Template and Examples that empower you to craft compelling pitches that resonate with influencers and cater to their needs, helping you secure those crucial connections.

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Keith Bresee (AKA The Major.eth)

He has successfully built a marketing agency that has serviced clients like Remax, Manscaped, Dr Josh Axe, Dave Ramsey (and several other fortune 50 companies I can't disclose without getting my ass sued from here to the moon lol). In total, Keith's agency has generated over 2.5+ billion views and several hundreds of millions of dollars in sales for their clients.

A self-proclaimed nerd at heart, Keith grew up as a hardcore gamer and even played professionally.  But his true passion lies in understanding human psychology - why people do what they do. This would be evident if you saw my bookshelves. lol